Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Issues to raise during code review

My workmate on one day wanted to change this signature
public void init(char a1, char a2, char a3){}
to this
public void init(char[] a){}
Should I raise it as an issue during the code review or not? Not the question itself is important (which is this should not be raised), but the why. 
- during a code review the exact solution should not be criticized.
- the change does not go against the coding style
- the change does not introduce (too much) complexity
- the change does not harm the readability (too much)
- however I'm on the side to express things explicitly (having 3 char that explicitly shows, how many parameter is needed. And I don't have to care about the validation of the parameter), so I would never introduce such change.

This post doesn't make too much sense, because I've forgotten the main reason to write it. Anyway, I keep it. At least, I have my first post.

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